Amazing Options for Healthy Dog Treats

If you are worried about what to give your dog as a healthy treat, you are not alone. Besides wondering what is in commercially available dog treats, there are also concerns about harmful ingredients showing up in some of these products especially if they are imported. You can keep your dog safe and satisfied by giving him healthy dog treats.

No matter how healthy or safe these treats are, be sure to give them to your dog in moderation. Make sure he is eating a balanced diet and only getting treats about five percent of the time.

There are many foods that you have around the house that will make excellent options for your dog’s healthy treats. You will always know exactly what ingredients are in them. You might have to experiment to see which ones your dog really goes for, but most all of these options will suit any dog’s palate.

One of the most popular treats is cooked sweet potato bites. Dogs enjoy the taste and get plenty of vitamins from them. You can also feed them low-salt green beans from a can. Kale in moderation is also a favorite for the more health-fanatical dogs out there.

Dogs also love carrot sticks, unsalted almonds or apple slices. Be careful to give them the right sized pieces for them to chew properly so that there is less of a risk of them swallowing them whole. Some dogs will even eat watermelon bites with the seeds removed. Other fruit choices include blueberries or cranberries. Bites of cooked, unseasoned chicken are a huge favorite for most all dogs.

They can also tolerate banana bites, cantaloupe or broccoli. Check with your vet if you are unsure of any dietary restrictions your dog may need to adhere to before giving them anything new.