Games-Squash in a film studio if sport approved for…

By Greg Stutchbury

GOLD COAST, Australia, April 12 (Reuters) – Lessons in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, including putting the skillet in a movie studio, will soon be put on the Paris Olympics in 2024 when the game is accepted to the programme, as stated by the entire governing body’s president.

The World Squash Federation (WSF) has lobbied because 2005 for the game to join the Olympics, but failed three days and so were ‘devastated’ after falling out on the programme to Tokyo 2020.

Since 1998 and WSF President Jacques Fontaine explained the Gold Coast tournament had shown a economical approach he hoped could aid their bid to the Paris 41, the sport was part of the Commonwealth Games.

“You’ve seen how it has been arranged here,” he told Reuters in the Oxenford place, at which organisers have built the mates and all-glass main show court on a large sound stage at a neighborhood movie studio. “They utilize a huge picture studio.

“We have a huge graphic studio in Paris,” he added of filmmaker Luc Besson’s Cite du Cinema complicated.

“It would be very simple and we’re working hard to ensure the organising committee does not need to devote additional cash, which can be one of the major issues now with an Olympics. The price tag.”

A decision on which sports make the Paris programme is expected after the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Fontaine, that became WSF leader in November 2016, was aware they couldn’t get too much ahead of these while using a minimal impact on the bottom line would be a positive factor for the sport’s bidding.

“We have a saying in French ‘don’t skin the bear without initially killing it’,” he added. “We have come back in three failures. We have learned a good deal, but I don’t want to sound stupidly optimistic, because we must keep working”


Fontaine added a partnership agreement signed last year between the WSF and the Professional Squash Association (PSA), that organises the professional tour , was essential to their bidding.

The PSA have introduced many innovations, including developing and hosting games in iconic venues like New York’s Grand Central Station.

It introduced a pathway that was integrated to the ranks.

“This agreement is incredibly important,” Fontaine said. “We had to have every detail in place to guarantee the most effective possible candidacy.”

Fontaine added the agreement with the PSA would ensure the sport’s top players would be accessible for the Olympics.

Without NHL players in Pyeongchang that the ice hockey contest was played in February’s Winter Olympics after a dispute together with the International Olympic Committee was not solved.

Tennis players and many golfers made themselves inaccessible to your Rio Games, while men’s football has been an tournament ensuring the players aren’t on display.

Among the criticisms of the game in the modern age is that it lacks titles that patrons can attach themselves to despite having a history back to the 1830s and also the truth that it is played in 185 nations.

Television broadcasting has also been a problem.

Introducing totally transparent glass courts a soccer ball lighting and the use of high definition cameras from the PSA to show how the game could be compelling those issues had been removed by viewing, Fontaine stated.

“That’s a question we can’t avoid,” he explained. “The clarity of image supplied from PSA TV and if you are able to observe the ball to follow the match, is not any longer a question.

“The matter is that we have a difficulty convincing people that squash is a sport for tv.

“But the facts show it is not a problem now.” (Reporting from Greg Stutchbury; Testing by Sudipto Ganguly)