Funny Games for Family Fun

Spending time with family is essential, especially when you have small children, in order to build strong family relationships. However, working parents are finding less and less time to spend with their children. Furthermore, once they do make the time they have a hard time connecting with the children. A great way to keep the parent-children relationships strong is by organizing game sessions. These will turn into great memories and they are the best way to keep in touch with children. As children see that you still know how to have fun, they will have an easier time talking to you about their life. In order to make your family games sessions really entertaining, we have prepared a few funny games.

These funny games are a great way to have fun with small children and thus establish the foundation of long lasting family relationships. However, you could also try to integrate smaller games in the everyday life. For example, if your child likes a certain cartoon character you could design a personalized activity book based on that character. Design it on the computer then print it and leave it as a surprise gift for your child. Kids like surprises more than anything in the world and they will appreciate all the small funny things you do for them like tying a chocolate bar to a string and twisting it across the house until you eventually hide it in a place. This will be a great treasure hunt for your child. You can also invent your own funny games and come up with your own ideas for spending time with family. All you need is a little creativity. We guarantee that your child will have a lot more fun playing these interesting games than playing the computer.

  • Hide and Seek with a twist

Hide and seek is by far one of the best childhood games. However as an adult you may be a little bored with it, so we have prepared a few more interesting versions. The backward hide and seek is a great game if you have a very large terrain to play on. The game, also known as Sardines, goes something like this: one person has to hide while the rest of the players cover their eyes and count to thirty. Once they finish counting, each player has to search for the hider individually. Once someone finds him, he or she has to hide with him. This goes on until there is just one person seeking. When this happens all the people come out screaming Sardines. Another great version of hide and seek is the one with the lighter. If you want a more thrilling game this is the perfect choice as it is played at night. The seeker has to find the other players by using a flashlight. Once he spots someone with the flashlight that person is out. While some people may find these funny games to be a little immature we guarantee that playing them with the family will be extremely fun.

  • Obstacle games

Obstacle games are incredibly funny for children of all ages. A simple way to play an obstacle game is to make an obstacle course in your house or your yard using furniture or any other large objects that you may find. Once you finish the course all the players must analyze it in order to memorize it. Then, each person has to have a scarf tied to his eyes and attempt to go through the course without bumping the obstacles. The person who manages to get the farthest wins. Another fun obstacle game is using strings in order to create the illusion of a laser obstacle game. Tie the strings from one piece of furniture to another creating a laser obstacle course. The children then have to go through the intricate course without touching the “laser beams”.