Dinosaur CRAYONS Eco Friendly Handmade Natural Soy Coloring

Earth Grown Crayons are all Etsys original all-natural eco friendly coloring crayons produced from non earth minerals and soy, no processed or commercially purchased additives are utilized. Crayons hand-poured in to shapes which inspire young artists and are created from scratch in my own kitchen utilizing natural ingredients. Natural soy has a matte look which goes away when kept by hands that are warm. Crayons glide on to create a delightful coloring experience. This collection of Dinosaurs includes six soy crayons measuring in earth tones – mustard green, orange, brown, yellow, blue, and turquoise. Crayons come packaged in a gift box along with a cotton muslin storage bag. Earth Grown Crayons are: * Made from soy wax that is pure, created from pesticides and insecticides. * 100% biodegradable which makes them eco-friendly and secure for children. * Tinted utilizing mineral or organic pigments certified. Not suggested for children 3 or younger because of risks. ****************** * Etsy: earthgrowncrayons.etsy.com * Website: earthgrowncrayons.com * Facebook: facebook.com/earthgrowncrayons * Twitter: twitter.com/egrowncrayons * Instagram: instagram.com/earthgrowncrayons ******************

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