What Can You Expect To Have To Pay Out Of Pocket For Cataract Surgery?

If you have been told by your doctor that you need cataract surgery, you might have swallowed a big gulp of air thinking about the costs of the procedure. Perhaps you asked your thesightclinic doctor, and maybe he let you in on some of the details already. You are of course going to be directed to your insurance provider as well as you learn more about the specifics of the surgery and the costs.

There is one thing you are going to notice right away. When you are looking up how much cataract Surgery cost, the figure given is likely going to be per eye. You have two eyes remember, so you will need to double that cost for both eyes. You also need to take note of what extra costs can arise. Your doctor should be upfront with you about them, and your insurance company should also be upfront with you.

There is an extra cost of nearly 1000 if you have astigmatism corrected, and that surprised me. I’m assuming that is on a per eye basis as well. I should mention, however, that this extra cost can be around 500 dollars, so if both eyes were worked on, the extra total cost would be 1000 dollars and not 2000 dollars. The key word here though is extra, as that cost is for an additional procedure. My recommendation to check out http://thesightclinic.co.uk/lens-implant site to get overall detail about surgery and its cost.

Furthermore, you would be responsible for those extra costs, as they would not be covered by your insurance company. You certainly want to know what’s going to be covered. Are you going to have to be reimbursed for anything? That is also good to know. Even if you get reimbursed, there is money coming out of your pocket up front. At least you know more about what you might have to pay for cataract surgery now.