A Destiny 2 Coloring Book Is Coming, Thus Whip Out The Crayons

Destiny 2 Coloring Book

You’ll have to wait until September to play the complete version of Destiny two. Leading up to the launch there were several tests, but these tests were brief and only lasted. If you really wish to get your hands on greater Destiny before launch, there’s really a coloring book set to go live this month.

Gamespot is reporting that starting August 8th, will have a full fledged coloring publication made available for only $16. A edition of the publication will also be offered on Amazon for only $11.53.

The coloring book features a variety of images of the character types, heroes and environments that Destiny two is known for, providing gamers an opportunity to re-color some of the outfits and designs as they see fit.

In a way, this is a superb way to experiment with providing its colorful flair which wasn’t within the main game to gear. But maybe if certain layouts get popular enough through social media Bungie might even perk up and take note… or at least, possibly one can hope?

The coloring book came to be based that Bungie held, in which Gamespot reports artist Ze Carlos ended up winning the competition and was chosen to collect the book based on the approaching sci-fi first-person shooter that.

The article notes that there was also a coloring book to get , but I doubt that is the type of thing you’d want to purchase for your kids.

Destiny two is presently one of the big games set to debut heading into the autumn. Activision and Bungie are probably expecting to have a jump on other AAA titles such as and since they’re also aimed to create a huge splash later this season also.

will introduce gamers to a whole new story centering around a foe and his military that are bent on usurping the Lighting from the Guardians. The player-character ends up losing all of their skills at the onset of the game, and has to restart from scratch, re-learning moves, skills, abilities and other abilities to be able to reclaim the planet and reclaim the Light.

Activision has been using a fairly big promotional push to put Destiny two into the spotlight to be able to lure more gamers into the fold and then get them interested in the sci-fi shooter sequel. Having a coloring book made available helps further push out the brand out there to the public.

Others mentioned that it was a fantastic way to spend some quality time with their kids, which is never a bad thing, although A few of the users in the remark part joked about the book forthcoming to unlock additional webpages.

You may search for the Fantasy two coloring book to be made available early in the week on Tuesday, or you can keep counting the days down before the full game releases for the Xbox One and PS4 starting September 6th following month.