Theresa May’s schedule mainly just playing video games and ‘torturing peasants’

Theresa May leaked schedule

A for that Prime Minister which was found with a person in the general public on the practice has unveiled that May splits her time taken between enjoying game titles and ‘torturing peasants’’s majority.

The routine to get a Wednesday in Jan scans as follows:

7am-8am – Pain Peasant simply to notice him shout

8.30am- 10.30am – Callofduty. Should get up headshot percentage.

10.30am – 11am – Pain peasant and clean my encounter in his holes.

11am – 11.30am – Brexit shit.

11.30am- 2pm Wow. Sack him if Foxy buggers the Deadmines work again and obtain Devious that are Gove small bastard, but.

2pm-3pm – Pain peasant and chuckle at his pain.

3pm-3.30pm – Bring Grammar Universities back.

3.30pm – 5.30pm – Grandtheftauto. Evidently, operating prostitutes over gives more existence to you. THIS LOL.

5.30pm- Toast Cover.

6pm- 7pm peasant until his body operates just like a water.

The Main One Display is –ed by 7pm. Mary.

The routine is just an intriguing insight in to the evening-today functions of the Minister.

I believe many people knew she loved torturing peasants, political Simon Williams was stated by ”.

“But the enthusiasm for game titles is more of the shock, even though proven fact that she hasn’t actually past Deadmines in Wow does increase significant concerns about her capability to operate a defined dungeon party.”

“Something that’ll without doubt trigger Quantity 10 severe embarrassment.”

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