Gun Matches: New shootout sport combines MMA fighting and Firearms

LAS VEGAS, NV (FOX 11) – Imagine targeting a target that shoots straight back at you. Think it is virtual reality? Think again, it’s ultra-reality. It is part of a new game where gun fighting slams into mixed martial arts (MMA), blending shootouts using guns. And if all the ammo goes, the opponents can return to some real fighting.

We’re not talking air paintball guns. Since it’s really a gun, Everything operates exactly the identical manner as a gun.   The ammo works in precisely the exact same manner as real ammo with red and blue tip bullets to indicate the team colors.   If the bullets hit their target, a mark is left by them all over the protective gear of their opponent, and as soon as it hits the skin, it bites. Big welts — all from non-lethal coaching ammunition can be sometimes left behind by the mark.

This sort of shooting range game takes place close to the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Crowds can root throughout the game behind Plexiglas in their shooters.

The game lasts approximately 3 minutes, and also the person who chooses the hits loses the game.